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Those who are used to the hustle and bustle of city life will get a pleasant change of pace when moving into Hot Springs Village. It’s remarkable how 15-20 minutes of travel will make a difference because that’s how far the community is from downtown Hot Springs. But you might as well be on another planet.

Surrounded by lush forest, tall trees, and natural lakes, the village is really a paradise. Even in the zones in the village that are located in lower elevation, you will also enjoy a refreshing cool breeze on account of the countless pines dotting the 27,000-acre community.

There are nine neighborhoods within Hot Springs Village.

  • West Village
  • Cortez Highlands
  • The Mountain
  • The Foothills
  • Glazy Peau
  • Coronado
  • Village Center
  • SoBo
  • East Village

Hot Springs Village is one of the most expensive properties in the whole of Arkansas. Price per square foot in the community is around $103 compared to less than $100 in Hot Springs, Little Rock, or in any other cities and towns in the state.

However, if you are coming from big cities like Orlando, Los Angeles, or New York, the prices in Hot Springs Village seem like a bargain. So if you are looking to move to Hot Springs, the village should be on the top of your list. It’s quiet, it’s (relatively) inexpensive, and it’s a good investment.

During wintertime sometimes the whole community is blanketed by snow, and the enchanting view alone is more than worth it.

Coronado Neighborhood

If you don’t like the retreat that The Mountain offers, where the next neighbor is a good distance away, Coronado is where the action at. In this area, you will find the fitness center, the tennis courts, water activities, club sports, and community events.

Among the amenities you can find in the neighborhood are:

  • Lake Coronado
  • Indoor pool
  • Coronado Fitness Center
  • Coronado Community Center
  • Coronado Tennis Complex
  • Coronado Golf Club
  • Fitness trails
  • Lake Coronado

You are also near the Glazy Paeu Gate and just outside are a number of grocery stores, restaurants, as well as the Fountain Lake School District.

Golf Courses Abound

This is still a golfing community. Living here will give you access to top-notch golf courses that are designed by one of the most prominent architects in the country. There’s the Coronado Golf Club, Granada Golf Club, Cortez Golf Club, Balboa Golf Club, Isabella Golf Club, Magellan Golf Club, Ponce de Leon Golf Club, Diamante Golf Club, and Desoto Golf Club.

As courses go, Coronado Golf Club is quite easy so this is perfect for those who are just learning the sport or parents introducing their kids to golf. But you will also find a professional or two here just trying to perfect the short game. Featuring a par-62 and executive-length, this is the only one of its kind in the entire village. Just like with the other golf courses, this one is designed by Ault, Clark & Associates, one of the renowned architects of golf courses in the country.

With a house located right smack in nature, with full access to the golf course, the value of the properties in Coronado and Hot Springs Village will only continue to increase. Even if you have no plans of moving to the area, it will still be a good investment because you can most likely resell at a good profit in the future.

Golf is not the only game in town.

When you have the world as your playground, you are only limited by your imagination. With over 20 miles of nature trails, you can hike, climb, bike, and explore. There are also 12 lakes, each offering something unique, and three outdoor pools. There are plenty of water activities for the kids and adults alike.

Buying a Property in Coronado: Value vs. Cost

As already mentioned, the value of the homes in Hot Springs Village are higher compared to the central business district of Hot Springs. For instance, homes in the business district on average will fetch around $174,000 in the market. The average listing in Hot Springs Village, meanwhile, is around $200,000.

Those prices may seem unimpressive if you are coming from a big city like Los Angeles, for instance, where the median value of a property is already hovering at $700,000 for a detached home; with the average cost per square foot already reaching the $600 level.

Even the price of a condo in LA will dwarf the asking price for the average home in Hot Springs. Condos are generally not a good investment because the property may only depreciate in time. You may have no tangible asset that will appreciate in value, such as a piece of land, for instance.

If you are a local, buying a house in Hot Springs may seem high but consider these advantages: you will essentially live in a sanctuary that is both peaceful and safe. The village itself snuggles against the Ouachita Mountains, which feature a very rich flora and fauna.

The crime rate in the area is very low with less than four crimes per 1,000 people compared to 5.51 per 1,000 people average in the whole state. For comparison, Los Angeles has a 7.35 crime ratio.

While Hot Springs Village is a golfing destination—which means a lot of visitors coming from outside go to the area to play a round or two—all the residential areas within the enclosed community are gated. No outsider can get it without being invited. Residents carry around an electronic card which gives them access to the gated entrance.

Also, there’s a police station nearby and routine patrols are made while the community sleeps to make sure the residents are protected. When you get down to it, you can’t place value on the kind of peace of mind that a safe neighborhood brings.

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