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Cortez Highlands is part of the Hot Springs Village in Arkansas. This census-designated place holds the distinction of being the largest gated community in the entire United States. All in all, the total land area of Hot Springs is more than 55 square miles, including two square miles of water.

The Cortez highlands is delineated as the golfing zone of the community with a full 18 holes and a total of 6,672 yards of golf. The course itself is designed by Ault, Clark & Associates, one of the renowned golf course architects in the country. Among the courses they designed are the Armitage Golf Course in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania; Baywood Greens in Long Neck, Delaware; Big Creek Golf & Country Club in Mountain Home, Arkansas; Cahoon Plantation Golf Club in Chesapeake, Virginia; and Carroll Valley Golf Course in Carroll Valley, Pennsylvania.

Clearly, the architects have the design pedigree and track record. Residents of Cortez Highlands will get access to the 18-hole golf course and the wildlife, hillside tracks, and lakes in the area.

The Hot Springs Village itself has nine golf courses to choose from, 16 tennis courts, and two country clubs. There are also three outdoor swimming pools, although they open depending on the season. If it gets too cold outside, there’s also an indoor swimming pool where kids and adults alike can soak and bond.

Climate in Cortez Highlands

Hot Springs Village can get pretty wet compared to the US average. This part of the country gets an average of 54 inches of rain annually compared to just 39 inches for the rest of the country. The good news is that snow is rare here as the county itself only gets three inches of snow each year compared to the 26 inches for the rest of the country.

Hot Springs can seem a bit tropical as times with more than 200 days of sun each year. The hottest temperature is around July when the heat level soars up to 93 degrees Fahrenheit. January is the cold season where the temperature can plummet to 30 degrees.


There are two school districts near Hot Springs Village: Jessieville School District which is about 13 minutes away, and the Fountain Lake School District, which lies just 15 minutes away. But you will not be wanting for schools as there are many private institutions near the area. The University of Arkansas in Little Rock, however, is approximately an hour away. The nearest college in this village is the National Park Community College located 20 miles from the gated community.

The Golf Course

However, the main selling point of the Cortez Highlands is the Cortez Golf Course. Professional and amateur golfers love the challenges posed by the greens like narrow fairways, and the changes in the elevation. Those who are not long-ball hitters can plan their shot and still minimize the number of swings. But they can also practice their drive, especially on some holes where they have to hit hard. You are surrounded by nature, which just takes all the stress away while also giving another dimension to the game. In fact, you can’t miss Hole No. 17 since it offers a great view of the mountains, which serve as an amazing backdrop to the well-maintained grass.

If you are hungry after a round of golf, Rafaela Rose restaurant offers very delicious food. It has become a destination in itself even for those who are not in the mood to play a round of golf.

Nature and Nurture

The sunny climate is a good thing considering that Cortez Highlands, and The Village as a whole, are perfect for hiking. Buying a house here means that you are closer to the nature and you can nurture children who are conscious about their role as stewards of the earth. It’s hard not to fall in love with the environment when you are close to the woods, the lakes, and the wildlife. There are more than 20 miles of nature trails here, and most are kid-friendly so you can certainly bring your children along.

Instead of them burying their faces in gadgets and mobile phones, you can just open your door to the nature outside. There are a lot of activities that you can do outside like swim in the lake or at the beach. You can put up a tent and watch the stars in the sky, or grill and barbecue for an impromptu picnic.

It’s not uncommon to see some curious bucks outside of your home, or hungry squirrels looking for some crumbs. There are also some deer that are not at all afraid of the residents. Of course, the homeowners here know that the wildlife has as much right to the area as them. They coexist peacefully in this piece of paradise.

If you are lucky enough, you may even see a fox or two outside your window.

Affordable Homes in The Village

Currently, homes here are quite affordable in Hot Springs Village with a median value of $200,000, although that’s still higher compared to downtown Hot Springs with an average home value of $111,700. But then again, when you consider the beautiful neighborhood, houses in Cortez Highlands are a bargain and a good investment.

Properties in Cortez Highlands, however, are desired generally because of the golf course. In this section of the village, houses are sold upwards of $200,000 up to the $350,000 range. For instance, the latest listing is for a three-bedroom house with three baths for $227,000.

Houses in Cortez are typically townhouses or two-story structures, a conscious decision because of the view the higher ground offers. This zone is nestled in one of the highest elevations in the village and you will find yourself in a middle of thick woods, as well as rich flora and fauna. When you buy a property in Cortez, you get access to the woods, the lake, the beach, and the golf course. You don’t just buy a roof over your head, you pay for the experience and the memories you will surely create in your new home.


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