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Arkansas is known as the “Natural State” because of its rich natural resources like lakes, mountains, hardwood, flora and fauna. Just a few minutes’ drive from Hot Springs central business district going north you will find yourself in a gated community that relaxing and beautiful.

Welcome to Hot Springs Village—your piece of paradise here on earth.

There more than 2,500 home sites spread across nine zones in the village. These are the neighborhoods: West Village, East Village, Coronado, The Foothills, The Mountain, Glazy Peau, SoBo, Cortez Highlands, and the Village Center.

Two of those neighborhoods are still off-limits for now. For instance, there’s no development plan for The Foothills just yet. The woods and vegetation here are thick so the village planners are taking those into consideration.

Meanwhile, Glazy Peau has been envisioned to become a micro-community that will be a showcase for sustainability. One plan for this neighborhood is an urban concept known as agrihood. If the vision is realized, the produce from the farms to be managed by the residents themselves should feed the community and even the entire village.

At an estimated listing price of $200,000, the home value here is pricier compared to the mean average in Arkansas, but it offers the most value for money considering all that you will get when you buy a property in Hot Springs Village.

The Golf Courses at East Village

The East Village is where most of the golf courses in the community are located. They are separated by natural boundaries like six of the 11 lakes in the community.

Hot Springs Village is very much a golfing community. Here you will find yourself right in the middle of nine first-rate golf clubs that can compete with the best the country has to offer. These golf courses are designed by Ault, Clark & Associates.

Here are descriptions of the golf courses found in Hot Springs Village:

Granada Golf Club – This one offers the most scenic view so expect to stop play for a few minutes as you take in the view. Reaching Hole No. 18 is a reward in itself as you are greeted by snaking waterfall along the fairway.

Ponce De Leon Golf Club – This golf course is always rated high by golfing magazines. Professionals love to play in the course, which was opened by PGA tour professional John Daly in 1991.

Isabella Golf Club – This was opened in 2000 and was immediately catapulted to the top of the best-rated courses in the whole state between 2002 and 2006. Even beginners love the wide fairways and some challenges that are not too intimidating.

Magellan Golf Club – Don’t let the smaller area fool you, this golf course is perhaps the trickiest among the different golf courses in the village. It also boasts of a large driving range and several areas where you can practice your short game.

DeSoto Golf Club – The oldest golf club in Hot Springs Village since it was founded in 1972. Still designed by Ault, Clark & Associates, it was originally intended to be player-friendly because it was meant as an added value to the community. This is the ideal course to introduce golf to your kids because it’s challenging yet not frustrating.

Balboa Golf Club – Balboa Golf Club remains the most popular among the residents of Hot Springs Village. The fairways are very wide and the elevations are somewhat consistent. However, there are enough obstacles here like bunkers and water hazards to keep you on your toes.

Coronado Golf Club — While the other golf courses are par-72, this one is only par-62. If you want to play a round of golf and you are pressed for time then this is the ideal course for you. The obstacles are almost non-existent so you can really speed up the game. However, thinking that playing this golf course will be a breeze would be a mistake. Coronado is a challenging course in a sneaky kind of way.

Diamante Golf Club – This is a private golf club, and for good reason, because it’s one of the top, if not the top, golf courses in the whole state. Even professional golfers are challenged by the course because of the way it is designed. In fact, the whole course stretches to 7,560 yards and was judged as the 38th most challenging golf course in 2009. Playing at Diamante supposedly feels like you’ve played in six golf courses simultaneously.

Not a Fan of Golf? No Problem

It’s really a miscalculation to think of Hot Springs Village as merely a golfing destination. Rather, think of it as a resort with golf as an added value because there’s plenty to do here even if you are not a fan of golf.

Apart from the golf courses, you are also within walking distance from Lake Balboa, Lake Estrella, Lake Sophia, Lake Granada, Lake Isabella, and Lake Maria. Going out of the East Gate, you will have access to grocery shops, a series of restaurants, and entertainment.

You can also head off to the many tennis courts in the area or the fitness gyms to get some exercise. The farmers market is open once a week while the artisans market where artists sell their creations are open in spring or fall.

Every third Sunday of the month, talented amateur musicians are given a platform to showcase their talents through the Rhythm Jam.

Hot Springs Village puts importance on culture and most of it is on display at the 654 seat Woodlands Auditorium, which hosts dances, choral performances, ballets, musicals, and plays.

You can join the Ouachita Rod & Gun Club if you like hunting and fishing. Meanwhile, Basecamp is a group that organizes camping and nature hikes, along with some good food and music. There are also biking clubs if you are passionate about the sport.

There are more than 200 clubs and organizations within Hot Springs Village with varied interests ranging from automotive, history, dance, politics, music, and arts and crafts.

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