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Hot Springs Village is a golfing community that still continues to evolve as a residential resort. Among the future plans of the HOA is to build a commune within its gated territory that will ensure ample fresh food supply for residents. The neighborhood being looked at to realize that vision is Glazy Peau, which is not developed at the moment.

Located just 15 minutes from downtown, Hot Springs Village boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the entire State of Arkansas because of the security measures set by the HOA. For instance, each resident is given an electronic card to access their neighborhood.

Hot Springs Village does allow professional and amateur golfers to play in its nine world-class golf courses on a membership fee. However, they can’t venture into private properties without permission. The security measures allow the village to keep crime rate to less than 4 per 1,000 people.

There is a feeling of safety and security here. Hot Springs Village has one of the lowest crime rates in the whole state, which makes it the perfect place to raise your children.

Most of the residents here are well-educated. In fact, per capita, there are more workers here in the fields of IT and mathematics compared to 95% of all US communities.

Glazy Peau Neighborhood

Glazy Peau is going to be a unique neighborhood within the refuge of the Hot Springs Village.

It’s going to be a pilot area for what will be a micro-village which will follow a certain concept. One urban development the planners are looking at for Glazey Peau is “agrihood.”

The concept of agrihood is basically the sustainable symbiosis between real estate development and farming. We have this idea that both approaches are mutually exclusive, that farmlands must give way to housing developments.

But agrihood is far from being just a cosmetic addition to make a property attractive for buyers. In fact, the farm produce is essential to feeding the community. More and more developments across the country have integrated the concept of agrihood in lieu of golf courses.

The Hot Springs Village will pioneer agrihood side-by-side with golf courses. Again, both pursuits should not be mutually exclusive. In fact, the community is known for its world-class golfing courses, and these will continue to be the selling point of the village for years to come.

The planners already proved that golfing courses should not compromise forest cover. Thick woods and vegetation continue to thrive in the village alongside the manicured greens of the courses.

For now, however, the plan is still being ironed out but a blueprint will come out soon. Agrihood is just part of what is planned in this section of Hot Springs Village.

But you can choose to build or buy a house in the other neighborhoods in the village as well, such as the West Village, Cortez Highlands, The Foothills, The Mountain, Coronado, Village Center, SoBo, and East Village.

Rising Prices of Houses in The Village

The average value of the homes in Hot Springs Village is $200,000, which is a little more than the value of homes sold in downtown Hot Springs. In terms of square footage, the average cost in the village is pegged at $103, or six bucks higher compared to Little Rock. For the entire state, however, the median value of homes is $117,998.

From 2016 to 2017, the property cost rose by 2.2%. The increase in home values is projected to be more in 2018 at 3.5%.

The median listing price for Hot Springs Village has already reached the $200,000 mark, and this will most likely increase in the future.

With an average of $1,200, rentals here are also slightly higher compared to downtown Little Rock, which is $200 less.

Most of the houses, or more than 50%, in The Village are relatively older as a number of them are traced back to when the time the village was incorporated in the early 1970s up until 1999. A large majority of the homes are 3-4 bedrooms, single-family detached.

Each zone, however, has a loose theme that you follow to make sure that the houses do not become an eyesore and blend seamlessly with the environment.

You can select from the home plans of the HOA or build your own customized house in the more than 2,500 homesites within the village. You can choose to build on an elevated plateau or on the waterfront, each offering a different experience.

Please note, however, that the HOA has its own accredited builders. Ask first if you want to bring in your own contractor. The main benefit of working with an in-house builder is the stock knowledge of what the whole village is going for. But it’s hardly a deal-breaker because an experienced contractor can integrate the requirements of the HOA with your own vision of your own home.

You Are Worth The Higher Price

What you will buy is not just a home but a lifetime’s worth of memories you will surely create in the village. You have access to 12 lakes, along with plenty of water activities like kayaking, boating, swimming, paddling, and fishing. Also, there are about 26 miles of nature trails around the historic Ouachita Mountain. You are enough different trails to keep you from getting bored and to provide you with plenty of scenic adventure.

Remember, the whole village is 26,000 acres so there are almost endless activities that you and your family can do. The Ouachita Mountains boast of a rich wildlife and flora. You can spot squirrels, marsupials, deer, buck, fox and probably coyotes, which are even more bashful than the foxes. The trail is very safe even with the presence of these predators. The black bear is a resident of Ouachita but it’s not likely you will see one unless you venture deeper into the mountain woods.

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