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Hot Springs Village straddles both Garland and Saline counties in Arkansas. The census-designated place had a population of a little over 12,000 back in 2010, which made it the biggest gated community in the whole country.

The Village was founded by John A. Cooper Sr., a lawyer who established the real estate firm, Cooper Communities, Inc.  He purchased 27,000 acres at the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains, the location of what would become Hot Springs Village today.

Groundbreaking started in the early ‘70s and although Cooper Communities built several properties and retirement communities, Hot Springs Village became the lone development under the company that is fully enclosed.

One of the attractions of the village is its proximity to downtown Hot Springs. It’s easily accessible by public transport and you can shuttle between the community and the central business district for work in just 15 minutes. Just 45 minutes away is Little Rock.

The Foothills

Presently, The Foothills is surrounded by thick forest and vegetation. You can see red cedar, oak, pine, hickory, and probably the occasional maple-leaf oak, a species that is endemic to the Ouachita Mountains.

For now, there are no immediate plans for The Foothills considering that there’s still a vast area of property in the Hot Springs Village just waiting to be scooped up by interested buyers. However, the homeowners association is bound to reveal its plans for this new neighborhood as the demand for houses in The Village grows.

However, there are other neighborhoods in Hot Springs Village where you can buy a property and raise your family. The oldest, of course, is the West Village which, as you can guess from the name, is located to the west of the village. You will find there townhouses and single-family detached homes whose designs are inspired by noted American architect E. Fay Jones.

To the north of the village, there’s also The Mountain, which is nestled on the highest elevation in the whole village. That gives the residents of the neighborhood an unhampered view of the lake and the mountains.

The other neighborhoods in Hot Springs Village are Village Center, Cortez Highlands, Coronado, East Village, SoBo, and Glazy Peau. Each has something unique to offer. Stepping from one neighborhood to the next feels like stepping into another town really. That speaks volumes of the vision of the planners of the village a long with the aim of making this gated community the most desired destination not just for golfing enthusiasts but also families looking for a safe haven from the stress and strain of the city life.

A Life of Peace and Quiet

The main selling point of the village is being surrounded by nature. You have the mountains around you, 12 lakes to explore, three outdoor pools, and amenities in the two clubs. It’s really an ecosystem unto itself. You can go hiking, biking, mountain climbing, exploring, swimming, and just bonding with your kids. There are over 20 miles of trails to explore in the village, which is something to look forward to when you buy a property here.

Being an enclosed community has its distinct advantages. Few venture here with crime on their minds. In fact, according to NeighborhoodScouts, Hot Springs Village is one of the safest communities in the entire state with only four crimes committed per square mile. For comparison, Arkansas records an average of 21 crimes per square mile.

Hot Springs Village also doesn’t lie in a tornado’s path and the earthquake fault line is far away. For the most part, you are going to enjoy days of sun except between November and March during winter. Some find the occasional winter snow to be a nice change of pace. What you get is a magical view when pure white blankets the trees and the verdant floor. The rolling topography is also perfect for skiing and sledding.

There are two points of entry for visitors, the West Gate and the East Gate. Residents, however, are issued an electronic card to access the other gates that are off limits to visitors. This explains why the community manages to keep its peace and order.

There is also a police department right inside the village, and officers go on regular patrols which allows residents to sleep soundly at night. A fire department also exists in the village, along with an ambulance that is ready to bring residents to the nearby hospital in case of an emergency.

Values of the Homes in The Village

Because of the location and demand, it’s understandable that the value of the property in Hot Springs Village is more expensive compared to Hot Springs, Little Rock, and even the entire State of Arkansas.

For instance, the median home value in Hot Springs Village is estimated to be $200,000. Compare that to Little Rock with an average value of $140,200, although property costs are expected to rise by more than three percent in 2018. The mean home value index of Arkansas is $117,998.

If you plan on constructing a home in the village, you will have to choose from the accredited builders of the homeowners association. For example, Renaissance Homes has been one of the major contractors listed by the HOA. One benefit of hiring a builder from the inside is that it will help you avoid violating any of the rules of the homeowners association when it comes to elevation, design, and floor plan.

You Are Worth The Extra Cost

Living in Hot Springs Village will cost prospective buyers a bit more compared to buying a house downtown.  However, Hot Springs Village has a lot to offer.

The village actually has nine championship golf courses, designed by one of the renowned golfing course architects in the country. The fairways and the greens of just one of the golf courses that you can access anytime are enough to justify the cost of admission. But you have nine! They say variety is the spice of life.

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