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Hot Springs Village is an enclosed community just 15-20 minutes from downtown Hot Springs and 45 minutes from Little Rock, Arkansas. There are more than 14,000 people in nine neighborhood zones within the confines of the sanctuary. Spanning 40 square miles across and around the Ouachita Mountains, it’s  the 30th largest community in the whole state, which means there’s a lot of room for expansion.

In fact, the planners and the Homeowners Association said that there are more than 2,500 homesites in the nine neighborhoods in the village. Each zone offers something unique to experience so you have a choice of a mountain retreat, near the golf course, lakefront, or being in the heart of the village, right where all the action is.

The village is partitioned into separate zones. These are West Village, Cortez Highlands, The Foothills, The Mountain, Coronado, Village Center, Glazy Peau, SoBo, and East Village.

Home values here are about 30% higher compared to most neighborhoods in Arkansas. But then again, you are not just buying a home. You are buying the chance to live in what’s essentially a piece of paradise in this neck of the woods.

If you buy a property in the area, you are most likely looking at more than $170,000. The median listing is around $200,000. It’s a bargain if you are coming from the bigger cities but it’s a high valuation when you are looking at most neighborhoods in the state.

You are going to live at the foothills of Ouachita Mountains, a historic region that used to be a trail of herding buffalo years ago. In fact, that’s supposedly how the mountains got its name, loosely translated from Native Americans’ terms for many buffalos.

Of course, those trails are gone now and you’d be lucky to spot one. However, there are still plenty of mammals, birds, flowers, and endemic plants in the area. This is a rich ecosystem after all where nature continues to evolve unhampered for millennia.

Tranquil Space

Once you visit the area, you will understand how peace and quiet can be such a commodity. Feel the stress melt away as you enjoy this scenic residence. The chirping of the birds, meanwhile, announce the sunrise’s arrival.

The population density here is incredibly low. About 14,000 people stretch across 27,000 acres. In some areas, like The Mountain neighborhood, the houses are far apart so it doesn’t matter if your neighbor is making some noise.

This place is for people who enjoy nature and who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of crowded city life.

Tranquility also has another meaning here. Hot Springs Village has one of the lowest crime rates in the whole state, which makes it the perfect place to raise your children.

The Village Center

If Hot Springs Village has a heart, this is it.

For families that love their peace and quiet but still want to be at the center of it all, this neighborhood is the perfect spot. You are still going to be surrounded by nature but you are also near the Woodlands Auditorium & Performance Center, the Grove Park, which is just a walking distance away and where the outdoor markets and musical performances are regularly held.  You are also near the largest body of water in the village—Lake Balboa.

Most of the houses in The Village are designed like single-story and two-story ranch homes. However, current development plans will expand this area to feature multi-family homes and townhomes, along with a retail shop and other amenities.

There are five schools near Hot Springs Village.

  • Jessieville School District
  • Fountain Lake School District
  • ASMSA – Arkansas School for the Math, Sciences and Arts
  • National Park College
  • Henderson State

But then again, Hot Springs Village is just 15 minutes away and you have a choice of public and private schools, including colleges and universities. The University of Arkansas in Little Rock is just a little under an hour away.

As for healthcare, you won’t have to worry because there are plenty of primary healthcare centers right within the village itself. CHI St. Vincent Convenient Care clinic offers walk-in care to residents of the village. But there are also specialist doctors, general practitioners, nurses, and physical therapists residing in the village so it’s a good idea to know your neighbors. Meanwhile, the National Park Medical Center is just half an hour away.

What to Do Near The Village

Being in the middle of nature, it’s a shame not to take advantage of that luxury. There are more than 20 miles of natural trails around the village. But if biking is your thing, you can join the International Mountain Bicycling Association, which counts Hot Springs as the regional HQ.

You can join the non-profit group as they take on the Ouachita National Recreation Trail, which stretches 110 miles of unabashed beauty. The main purpose of the group is to explore and find new trails within Hot Springs, and you can join in that adventure.

There’s also the Ouachita National Forest, where you can find the man-made Lake Ouachita. Go fishing in the 690 miles of shoreline, which is rich with catfish, largemouth bass, stripers, bream, and crappie.  But there are plenty of other activities, as well, like skiing, scuba diving, and boating. Gear and equipment is available for rent.

Of course, Hot Springs Village itself has 12 lakes so you don’t have to venture far if you like the water.

Just 30 minutes away is the Hot Springs National Park, which is even older than Yellowstone National Park. Take a dip in the lukewarm to hot waters, which is where the park got its name in the first place. Some say that the waters have healing properties. You can hike, swim, and camp in the reservation.

Around 40 minutes away is the Garvan Botanical Garden, which is the showcase of the University of Arkansas. Soak in the beautiful botanical gardens and landscapes.

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