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West Village is one of the pilot communities in the Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

There are miles upon miles of hiking trails in the village, which range from easy to difficult. The trails are a perfect place to get some exercise, walk your dog, and bond with your kids. Lake DeSoto is also nearby where there are plenty of water activities. You can swim at the nearby beach or play a round of golf at DeSoto Golf Course.

Living here means almost year-long sun. It’s the best weather for residents to enjoy what nature has to offer. Snowfall is rare but during the wet season, you can expect more inches of rain compared to the average rainfall in the US.

DeSoto Golf Course

Designed by Ault, Clark & Associates, this is the Hot Springs Village’s first ever golf course as it opened in 1972. Of the nine golf courses in the village, this is probably the most player-friendly one. You can bond with your family on the golf course and not stress so much about the score. But how could you allow stress to get to you when you have the sun up, the mountains on the horizon, and the beautiful expanse that you can almost touch?

On top of that, the fairways are excellently well-maintained and so are the greens. It’s a family-friendly course, but the course is challenging enough to keep even professionals happy.

You can then head off to the DeSoto Club for some cold beverage or a nice meal. Of course, if you ever need a change of pace, there are other fairways and greens within the Hot Springs Village.

Hot Springs HOA

Please note that West Village, like the rest of the communities inside Hot Springs Village, is governed by the HSV Property Owners’ Association, which is a private tax-exempt entity.

The HOA ensures a clean well-kept community and helps maintain the common areas like the pool, roads, garbage, amenities, and the like. There are more than 400 workers employed by the association and they are responsible for the upkeep of the community.

Buying a Home in West Village

Most of the architectural designs of West Village are mid-century modern or multi-family properties, modeled after the vision of American architect E. Fay Jones, who himself apprenticed under Frank Lloyd Wright.

What you get is a house that fully embraces nature. It doesn’t stand out unnecessarily from its surroundings or unnaturally from the ground up. Natural materials are evident throughout the house, which results in a seamless blending when you step outside the door. If there’s one word that would describe E. Fay Jones signature design it would be the word “intimate.”

In fact, you can clearly see Jones’ influence in the DeSoto Club, arguably the centerpiece in West Village. The club has a restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The facility also hosts birthday parties, debuts, intimate weddings, and private meetings.

There’s also the Waypoint, which is a marina and restaurant if you want a change from the menu at the DeSoto Club. The village is designed as a self-sustaining community. There are also grocery stores, retail stores, a post office, and other restaurants, as well as the Jessieville School District when you access the West Gate.

There are plenty of house designs to choose from in Hot Springs Village, and each design is tailor-fitted to enhance the surroundings and blend in beautifully with its surroundings. The designers of West Village knew all too well that nature should be the main attraction of living in the area. You have lakefront properties or mountain villas, golf front, forest homes, and underdeveloped vacant lots where you can build your dream home. Take note, however, that you will be required to follow the design set by the POA in order to stay within the overall theme.

Building a House in West Village

If you are building a house in West Village, however, expect completion from seven to eight months. The average in the US is around 5-6 months. But that’s because the quality standards here are higher compared to the other communities.

You may have to also call in an arborist if you have to clear some of the trees on the property. The expert will make the necessary recommendation of which trees to cut down and which to keep. You also take into account the roots, which can damage the foundation of the house if you are not careful.

It’s better to hire developers listed in the Hot Springs Village POA. They are already experienced with the terrain and all the challenges of building a house in a forested area. You can bring your blueprint if you like and show it to the developer for any suggestions on structural and thematic designs.

It may cost a bit more to live in this area compared to downtown Hot Springs, but it’s worth the extra price when you consider how beautiful your surroundings are.

A Peaceful Community

What you have in West Village is a sense of belongingness to a community that really cares about your role in the close-knit ecosystem. The Hot Springs Village actually organizes several activities where you can meet your neighbors and their guests.

After you make friends in this beautiful community, you most likely won’t want to leave. The beauty of the area helps relieve some of the stress of life putting you in a better mood. It’s sometimes easier to relax and enjoy life and relationships when you can take a break from the pressures of crowded urban life.

The Coronado Center Library frequently shows free movies while the Coronado Community Center also hosts several activities like exhibits, sports lessons, plays, and others. Bird watching and wildlife watching are a favorite activity in West Village. There’s nothing like waking up every morning with the birds chirping and the sun’s rays permeating through the window sill.  There’s no excuse to stay in the bed because there’s just so much to do. The day is waiting for you.

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